Srevice ride control has been on for a year or.

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Srevice ride control has been on for a year or so. Prior to that ever time we change tires from summer 22in wheels to winter standard size with studs, one sensor is bad on a winter tire wheel. So the air module light comes on. Plus winter temperature triggers that light to from cold air. North idaho. Well real problem just occured lately. I noticed when I started it one morning the dash lights and odom lights did not illuminate. After about 5 min they popped on. Still running all the time so drove it and everthing was fine. 4 days later daughter it happen to my daughter and she could not see what gear or how fast she was going and turn it off. Warm it up for 15 min and they came on. 5 days ago wife went to work on hiway and the whole car shut off, engine and no dash lights. Would not start up after she pulled over. I went to tow it home 1 hour later and it started, drove it 2 miles and it quit on me. Towed it rest of the way. Dead batt when I got home so put charger on it. Started up 1 hour later. It never fully charged to 100%. I pulled batt and took it in to get tested and was fine. New batt 1 and half yrs old. Pulled alternator out and took it in for test and was fine. When wife drove it next day and got to work, all lights inside flashed on and off before she parked it and shut it off. Something I figured was shorting or grounding out. Took it to friend at dave smith motors and he plugged in the tech 2 and no codes came up. He thinks computer or pcm. I drove it there and back home, which is 8 miles and nothing happen. As long as I charge it up it starts in the morning and seems to run. If I dont the batt is dead and wont start. Any ideas or common problems with these cars? Sorry for long story. Just wanted u to know everything. Thank you for your time
Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 AT 7:14 AM

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What is the voltage at the battery with the engine running?

Was this
Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 AT 10:30 AM

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