2004 Buick Rendezvous



December, 17, 2012 AT 8:24 PM

The engine in my car has sunken in. Part of the engine can be seen hanging under the car when looking at the car from the side or front. My brother was driving when he heard a loud "pop" then the steering wheel started spinning the car spun and ran up on the neutral ground and he was able to stop. He didn't hit anything. Back in August I had a shift cable and a oil pan replaced at the dealership. In the process of fixing the shift cable they broke my air conditioner but later fixed it. The dealership told me that the two incidents are unrelated. They said that my motor mounts are broken but my car didn't have any of the common signs associated with motor mount problems. Do you have an idea of what could have happened to cause this.


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December, 17, 2012 AT 9:32 PM

Check the two front cradle bolts that go to the frame. They may have broken or they may have just loosened and fell out. It's possible when they fixed your air conditioner they loosen these bolts up and never fully retighten them. We will need to know what they did to fix the air conditioner to narrow it down.



December, 18, 2012 AT 2:02 AM

The two front cradle bolts are completely intact but they are not connected to the frame where the holes are. The holes are fine as well. They aren't dented or torn. Do you know what the general procedure is when fixing a buick rendezvous air conditioner or car air conditioners in general? Is it possible that they could have slightly move the engine to fix the shift cable? As I said my car had no symptoms of motor mount problems, no vibrations or shaking when idle or while driving.

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