Wont shift into gear

  • 2003 SATURN VUE
  • 150,000 MILES
I have an 03 Saturn Vue - 4 cyl. Wth Manual transmission. Prior to yesterday it was running fine without any difficulties. During the day yesterday I noticed that it was a little hard to shift into gear a couple times. The next time I tried to change gears it was fine so I didnt worry about it and assumed that I wasnt pushing the clutch in enough or something along those lines. After driving around town for 3-4 hours I got on the interstate for about 30 miles. As I got off the interstate it refused to shift into any gear. It would move in neutral but would not all the gear to engage. I stopped and opened the hood I looked at the fluids and the transmission fluid was at the low mark but not empty. I replaced the cap and got into the car to try it one more time and it allowed me to change gears with no problem. So I drove it toward home. It was fine on the return trip until I got to the red light near my house and had to change gears at which time it refused to go into gear again. I did finally get the car home and added transmission fluid. This seemed to work and while it was a little hard to shift it was driveable. While adding transmission fluid I noticed that the fluid looks dirty and probably needs to be flushed. This morning the car was again refusing to go into gear. I am wondering if it could be the transmission master cylinder. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 AT 8:03 PM

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You have a manual transmisson?It doesnt have a dipstick the cap on the top is for filling it uses a side level hole. Look under the vechile at the transmission see if its wet from fluid leaking from the clutch master. Its really common for the clutch master to leak inside the clutch housing on those.
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Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 AT 8:11 PM

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