Saturn Vue won't go over 30mph

  • 2003 SATURN VUE
  • 4 CYL
  • AWD
  • 58,000 MILES
Hi, I have a 2003 saturn vue with 58000 miles on it. It is a 2.2l cvt awd. The transmission won't allow the vehicle to increase speed past about 30 mph. there is no dtc & no check engine light.

I found the link on the web and decided to follow it.
It seems I had some pressure leaks so I decided to pull the trans and put in a rebuild kit.

I pulled the trans and did an inspection. I put in a Master Kit w/Bonded pistions in. This is a link to the site for the parts that I replaced.

# 33006J Master kit, SATURN VT20/25 2002-05 with bonded pistons
Includes: overhaul kit, friction clutch plates & standard steel plates and bonded clutch pistons.
Note: This contains piston for the Forward & Reverse Clutch only.
This Transmission contain 1 - sided frictions / steels The chain looked good. I did not see any obvious damage. The belt also looked good. I also replaced the speed sensors while I had the valve body out.

I put the trans back in with new cvt fluid & additive. Went on a test drive and it still is doing the same thing.

It seems like the pulleys aren't changing ratio. The rpms just keep increasing. No dtc or check engine ligts but I didn't drive it that far, just down the road and back.

Was wondering if anyone had any suggestons or advise on what I should try or check next. I'm leaning towards the valve body or the variator pulleys and maybe a new belt too. It appears my pump is good. I've had good solid high pressures when I check them following the info I found on the avtoakpp-cvt website.

Thank you for your time.



ps I plan on donating at my next response. Thank you for your time, your knowledge is greatly appreciated.

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I worked for for saturn and have repaired so many of these transmission I lost count. When you scanned it for codes did you use a scan tool that can read transmission codes on this vue?At first when these vues came out we were making repairs like replace the belt etc but saturn found that making repairs like you did clutches pistons etc was the wrong way to go about it. They found when they had a belt failure it damaged the sheeve pulleys also when they had a piston/clutch failure it damaged the belt and the sheeve pulleys. So the best repair with the fewest comebacks was to replace what is called the side cover which contains the input and output shafts with belt sheeve pulleys clutches etc. That is only repair we were allowed to do for those issues. How did you check the pressure it takes a special gauge with the flat banjo fitting to clear everything and a tech2 scan tool to command the pressure control solenoid to .02 amps at 1000-1500 rpms you should have 652-798 psi and pressure control solenoid commanded at 1.0amps at idle 152-286 psi. What were your readings and how did you get them?Also I have seen people rebuild those transmissions and they wouldnt go over 30 mph the rpms would go up but they wouldnt change sheeve ratio/gears. The rule you have to follow when taking the transmission apart is valve body comes off first when taking apart and goes on last when putting it back together. But you can still mess up doing it that way on the valve body there is a arm coming off that is attached to your sheeve ratio solenoid that arm and soleniod moves the sheeve/pulley into the different sheeve ratios. When putting the valve body back on last its a must that the arm goes into the square hole below it so it change sheeve ratios. If it doesnt it will do what your transmission does. If you want to donate like you were saying you have to start a new question with a subject of donation. Then put for the question here is a donation for a question saturntech9 is helping me with that way I will get credit for it. All the responses for this question please post here so I will get a email telling me you have posted a response.
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