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I have renault laguna dci initial car. Been told by garage that it will mean a turbo repair. Have not had any problem with the power, or have not noticed. Running ok. Just noticed an oil leak. Took it to garage. Where was informed it was the turbo. Sorry mind a complete blank ! No idea, if it is safe to drive. Whether I should have the repair. Is it work doing help please. Quoted 1300 pounds. Renault garage.

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Friday, October 5th, 2012 AT 9:01 AM

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If it is not giving any problem, you can continue to drive till it gives way.

Turbo units tends to fail over time but the mileage you have on vehicle is not too high and shouldn't be due for failure yet.

Depending on the source of the oil, it could be that the hoses are not secure and oil from positive crankcase recirculation gases has brought some oil from engine to it, which is nothing serious and can be ignored. If the lubricating oil pipes are the ones leaking, maybe what you need is retightening the banjo bolts or a gasket replacement which shouldn't cost much.

I would get a second oninion.

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Friday, October 5th, 2012 AT 9:24 AM

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