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How do you replace the power steering hose
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Park the vehicle in an open area on flat ground. Raise the hood to access the engine compartment and locate the leaking power steering hose. There are two hoses that the power steering pump uses to send and receive power steering fluid from the steering box. One is a pressurized hose and one is the return hose. Each type of hose has a different clamp of fastener to secure it to the pump and the steering box. The pressurized hose will have threaded ends that fasten to each the pump and steering box while the return hose is usually hose clamped in place.

Place a drain pan under the power steering pump so that it can catch any fluids that will drain from the hose ends once they are disconnected from the pump and the steering box. Pressurized steering hoses are the most common to have a failure, resulting in a leak of fluid from the damaged hose. You will need to loosen both ends of the pressurized hose and replace it with a new one to stop the leak.

Loosen the end of the pressurized hose exiting the power steering pump by using a flare wrench that fits securely around the adapter fitting at the end of the hose. Get the fitting loose before removing it. Move to the other end of the hose and loosen it from the steering box as well.

With a drainage pan held beneath the hose end when removed, continue to loosen the fitting until the hose end is free from the steering box and drains into the pan. When most of the fluid has drained, continue to loosen the end of the hose at the power steering pump and separate the hose from the pump.

Discard the hose and the used power steering fluid appropriately. Most mechanic parts need to be properly recycled, including old hoses and used fluids.

Lubricate the threaded end of the hose before inserting into the steering box or the power steering fluid pump. This helps the threads match together as it is tightened, and helps reduce and corrosion on the threads in the future.
Secure the hose end to the pump using the flare wrench and tighten securely. Move to the steering box and lubricate that hose end and fasten in place using the same wrench.

Start the vehicle and open the fill tube of the power steering pump to refill the system with fluid. Fill the reservoir up to the "Full" mark. Get in the vehicle and with the engine running, turn the steering wheel one way until it stops and then the other way until it stops. Repeat two or three times to remove any air from the power steering system. Check the reservoir again, and fill it with new power steering fluid until it is full.
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