4 CYL 2

2003 Nissan Altima


Paul Gorman

April, 7, 2013 AT 11:33 PM

4 cyl 2.5 litre engine
As the second owner I have had one noisy fuel injector since acquiring the car in 2004 with 30000 miles on it. I have on two recent occasions (past 2 years) put a fuel injector cleaner in the gas with no lessoning affect. Other than replacing the injector, can you offer any suggestions in dealing with this irritating tapping? Is Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant worth trying?


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April, 7, 2013 AT 11:46 PM

No, those additives do nothing as you found.

It is the electrical part of the injector. It needs to be replaced




April, 7, 2013 AT 11:47 PM

Most fuel injector cleaners or fuel system cleaners aren't strong enough for removing deposits. The best cleaner is BG44K. You can get it at most car dealerships at the parts counter. It costs $20 a can and you might need to run 2 cans. If that doesn't work you might have a bad injector. It is not too hard to pull the fuel rail and replace the injector. If you need an injector try going to rockauto. Com. They have really good deals on dependable parts.

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