2003 Mercury Sable



May, 9, 2011 AT 3:47 PM

I have a sable 2003 with abt. 90k miles when slowly accellarating around the 40m p. Hr range the engine kind of hesitates (like a stall) and giving more gas goes again fine. The plugs have just been renewed as well as the wires and the intake manifold replaced.
what could cause this? Jivssr@att. Net

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May, 9, 2011 AT 4:09 PM

If the check engine is coming on, then have the codes read first.
Check it for vacuum leaks, check and test the Mass Air flow sensor.



May, 9, 2011 AT 6:16 PM

Test/replace TPS.



May, 9, 2011 AT 6:22 PM

The TPS is only one of dozens of possible causes so have the codes read before replacing anything.



May, 10, 2011 AT 5:29 AM

You can get your codes read for FREE! At many popular auto parts stores. Or you can pay a shop to retrieve them for you.

If you really feel "Froggy", you can purchase a reader for under $60, and get the codes yourself. Now. And. Later if you have a problem, and cannot "Limp in" to have them read, and you will be the "Neighborhood Hero", when your pals cannot get their rig somewhere to be read.

With the codes in hand, many times the parts stores can diagnose and tell you what you need. Some will show you and tell you where and how to install stuff!

Just to give "us" a fair shake, give us the codes, and we can do the same. Most of the time. Keep asking us questions, someone here, is generally patient and help you thru your issue.

As long as you own a modern car, the computer will "Tell you what's wrong", when the check engine light is on. This would not be wasted $$$, for a tool you will need at some later time. You could get donations from others, in "Desperate Need" of your machine, to help recoup some of your $$$

I always try to justify stuff. Even if only I understand!

The Medic



May, 10, 2011 AT 10:59 AM

Let me correct some misinformation here. The computer does not "Tell you what is wrong" The computer will give you specific data that it has recorded and a qualified technician will further diagnose the cause of that. The part time clerks behind the counter at the auto parts stores are not technicians and are there to make wild guesses and to sell parts so I would not take any advice at all from them. Take the code numbers and post them here. We have some qualified technicians here and we also have a few that aren't.



May, 10, 2011 AT 1:41 PM

Let's get some info clarified!

The computer does tell you "What Is Wrong" as it detects abnormal issues going on within the system.

It just does not tell you "How to Fix the issue that is going on"

It also does not give you quick answers with no explanations, as to how to Where/how/ and what to do to get your vehicle roadworthy again. Some robots ASSUME you are a robot too!

It takes a special kind of "AGITATOR" (Like Me!) To drag out the info that will aid you in repairing your baby!

Djew know there are places at this site, showing some of these tests? I been here awhile and still discover things myself. Would it not be nice to get linked to the info, you are desperately in need of?

Why did you come here anyway. To CONSULT with another ASE certified feller like yourself. Are you a mechanic?


Just like I thought, your car is messed up, you really do not want to spend money, if it's not necessary.'Specially if you could EZily do the task yourself, and maybe just buy a part or two!

You would have just "BYPASSED" us and took it on over to the expensive mechanic. Had you not somehow had a GLIMMER, that we could do you better and less expensively.

Is this sorta close to the truth fbrk0505?

Have no fear--There are other "Guides" who will assist you 110 %, here. It's about time we heard from you!

You ask questions (even dumb ones) I, at minimum, will "Attempt" to answer, or I will search out another Dedicated "Tech" who can "Fill your plate" instead of a "nibble" of each course.

'Bout time for you to pipe in!

The Medic

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