2003 Mercedes Benz Vito



December, 6, 2011 AT 12:03 PM

I wonder could anyone help, I have a 2003 vito 110 cdi, it started flashing lights an dials on and off on the dash, then wen it settled it left the heater plug light on constant. When I try to start the van cold in the mornings it just keeps turning over to the battery runs flat ! I can get it going eventually with leads to another battery. I figured the heater plugs must be knackered so I got new ones an changed them yesterday and it didnt make 1 bita difference, I also checked the fuses, relays and wiring around the battery and all looks fine. The heater light is still on and the van still wont start so I havent a clue wat to try next !
Got the van going today with the leads again and went to the shops and on my return I turned the key in the ignition and there was nothing, no power wat so ever ! After about 20 attempts of turning the key the power came back and she fired up 1st time, I figure there must be somethin electrical wrong thats upsetting all the dials, power etc. As A - She doesnt start cold, musnt be power goin to the heater plugs at all and B - The dash goes nuts the odd time and shuts the power down.
Does anyone know what this is as my head is nearly turned with this van !
Any help wod be greatly appreciated.
Regards Ricky


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December, 7, 2011 AT 10:57 AM

I would star with checking the actual voltage at the glow plugs, I am thinking that you do not have any voltage there, check this cold and with the key on glow, let me know what you find.



December, 7, 2011 AT 1:02 PM

Hi, thanx for the response, I tried a voltage meter in one plug cap and there was no reading seems there is no power goin to the plugs ( as you thought ) I have tried all the wiring & connections under the passanger seat and all show no corrosion or any faults. Cleaned them with contact cleaner and still the same, I checked also the fuses & relays and all are also fine. Where else do I check for wiring faults? Would it be possible that the fault is behind the dash assembly?

Regards Ricky

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