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I have a 2003 Mazda Tribute and I replaced my AC compressor in 2011. My AC stopped working and I took it back to the same location (National Brand) and they told me that the condenser and some other part (receiver drier?) Went out and now I need to replace everything (condenser, compressor, etc). I called for a second opinion and another shop told me they make the customer sign a waiver of warranty if they don't replace the condenser + extra part at the same time as the compressor because it will inevitably fail in the future. With that said, the national brand mechanic shop said I must have asked not to replace them at the time of repairs which is not true, and nothing is mentioned in my receipt from 2011.

Since I had no idea I had to replace the condensor + other part, shouldn't they replace everything for me? What's reasonable and what's not? I'm seriously considering taking them to small claims court for the price they would charge me to replace the compressor, condenser + other part. Had I known this would happen I would have replaced everything necessary.
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Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 AT 8:36 PM

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When a compressor fails it sends pieces throughout the system. Even if you replace the condensor and drier there are still pieces left in the tubing and it will screw things up anyhow if it is not cleaned out. Normally on a compressor failure alot of shops just back flush the whole system to get all or as much of the junk out as they can. They also replace the receiver /drier as that has a desecant bag inside that can break an dsend particles through the system. That was probably your original cause for the compressor failure. I guess different shops operate differently they should have at least cleaned itout, and whether they did or not is something I can't answer. Either your desecant bag has broken again or the junk wasn't cleaned out, unfortunately your system is redamaged and you can't tell what caused it. The shop should have at least stated on repair bill that the option was offered and system was declined. Unless it has a new manager/owner it may not have happened then.
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Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 AT 9:01 PM

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