How do I check my transmission fluid level

  • 2003 MAZDA MPV
  • 200,000 MILES
How do I check my transmission fluid level
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The ATF amount varies according to ATF's temperature. Therefore, when checking the ATF level or replacing the ATF, use a thermometer to measure the temperature then adjust the ATF amount to the specified level according to the specified temperature.

Park the vehicle on level ground.
Apply the parking brake and position wheel chocks securely to prevent the vehicle from rolling.
Adjust the length of the thermistor probe measure to the measure same as the dipstick and hold the probe with a paper holder.

Insert into the filler tube and measure the temperature.
Warm up the engine until the ATF reaches (60 - 70 C 140 - 158 F ).


Do not warm the transaxle by performing stalls. This will damage the torque converter.


In some cases it may be necessary to inspect the ATF in the cool range 15 - 25 C 59 - 77 F before warming up the engine.

While depressing the brake pedal, shift the selector lever to each range (P-2), pausing momentarily in each range.
Shift back to P position.


If the ATF level is too high or too low in hot condition, the following problems may be the cause.

While the engine is idling, verify that the ATF level is in the HOT (65 C 149 F ) range. Add the ATF specified type of, if necessary. ATF type ATF M-III or equivalent

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