2003 Honda Accord



August, 7, 2012 AT 9:09 PM

I got into a car wreck (fender bender), and I was wondering an estimation of the bill I'm facing. I have to completely replace my front bumper, hood, and drivers side headlight.

I found these parts online: hood $94, headlight $65, bumper $107. What else might I need to order? I'm going to a mechanic shop (not dealership) and they said I can order the parts myself. Also, I don't know how much a paint job will cost. Thanks : )

My car is a 2003 Honda Accord.

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August, 7, 2012 AT 9:19 PM

We don't have the parts/labor guide-sorry, You can get an estimate from a body/fender shop and go from there-they should be able to give you an idea is to how much the total cost is gonna be-



August, 7, 2012 AT 9:22 PM

With body questions your better off finding a body shop that gives free estimates or low cost estimate. Because there can be so many unknowns or hidden damage. Also without seeing it in person again its hard to say what it needs.

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