2003 GMC Envoy repair

  • 2003 GMC ENVOY
  • 139,000 MILES
My truck was in a flood, and the engine stopped working while in the water, the water was coming in the doors, we let it dry out for a couple of days, then it ran ok, now it wont start. I have comprehensive insurance now, can I use that to pay for the repairs, even though I didnt have it at the time of the flood.
I'm in such a pickle!
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Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 AT 9:01 PM

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That would be like the fools who came up with obamacare. You don't buy home owner's insurance after a tornado blows your house down. You don't get liability insurance after you hit someone. You don't buy health insurance after you get sick, except for that "free" healthcare that mandates a company sell you insurance if you have a pre-existing condition.

You buy insurance to protect yourself financially from what MIGHT happen in the future. The insurance companies are betting nothing will happen, that's why they charge premiums that are so much lower than what it would cost to pay a claim. It's a gamble because no one knows the future or the outcome of driving a car, owning a house, or your future health concerns. You already know the outcome. On top of that, by your own admission the truck was running fine after you dried it out, so how do you even know the current no-start problem is related? There are dozens of people each day here asking about no-start problems that have nothing to do with flooding. Until you know the cause you can't automatically assume it's because it was flooded.

Everyone knows that to file an insurance claim, the policy had to be in effect at the time of the incident. If you read the paperwork they give you, it almost always specifies it goes into affect or expires at 12:01 a.M. On a certain day. If a police report shows something occurred five minutes before or after those dates and times, you were not covered by that policy and you can't expect to collect. If it was as simple as only buying insurance after something happened, like you did, no one would ever buy insurance until they needed it. That's the twisted thinking of our politicians with health care.
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Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 AT 10:32 PM

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