2003 Ford Crown Victoria


Marty A

December, 31, 2010 AT 8:15 PM

My 2003 crown victoria headlights are so low the high beams act as low beams. How can I adjust them?

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December, 31, 2010 AT 8:38 PM

Headlamp Aiming
The headlamp aiming procedure depends on what type of beam pattern the headlamp is
equipped with. To identify the headlamp beam pattern, look on the headlamp lens. Molded in
small letters on the headlamp lens is one of the following: 1.



Once the headlamp beam pattern is identified, aim the headlamps using one of the following
methods as applicable.
Photometric aimers can aim SAE, VOL and VOR type headlamps. This is the preferred
method of headlamp aiming.

Visual or screen method aiming can be used to aim SAE, VOL and VOR type headlamps.

Mechanical aimers can only be used with SAE type headlamps. Lamps that can be aimed
mechanically will have three nibs molded into the lens of the lamp.

Photometric Aiming
For the photometric aiming procedure, refer to the appropriate photometric headlamp aimer
instruction manual.
Screen Method Aiming
All headlamp types
NOTE: Horizontal aim is not necessary for VOL or VOR headlamps.
NOTE: Consult your state vehicle inspection manual for recommended
tolerance ranges for visual aiming.
NOTE: The sight shield may need to be positioned or removed for access to
the adjusters.
Before starting headlamp adjustment: 1.
Check the tire inflation.

Check that no other load is in the vehicle other than a half tank of fuel.

Check that the headlamps are clean.

Check for correct headlamp operation.

Check that the vehicle is on level ground.

If the vehicle is equipped with air suspension, make sure that the switch is on.

NOTE: The vertical wall or screen must be a minimum of 2.4 meters (8
feet) wide.

Fig. 75: Identifying Distance Of Vehicle From Screen
Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO.
Park the vehicle on a level surface approximately 7.6 meters (25 feet) from the vertical wall or
screen directly in front of it.
NOTE: The center of the lamp is marked by a 3 mm (0.12 in) circle on the
headlamp lens.

Fig. 76: Measuring Center Of Headlamp Height To Ground
Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO.
Mark a horizontal reference line on the vertical wall or screen.
Measure the center of the headlamp height to ground and record.
Make a 2.4 meters (8 feet) horizontal mark (masking tape) on the vertical wall or screen
at the same distance from the ground as previously recorded.
NOTE: This procedure should be done in a dark environment to
effectively see the headlamp beam pattern.
Turn on the low beam headlamps to illuminate the wall or screen and open the hood.
NOTE: For SAE type headlamps, the appearance of the beam pattern may
vary between vehicles.
On the wall or screen, locate the high intensity area of the beam pattern. Place the top edge of
the high intensity zone even with the horizontal reference line.
VOR type headlamps
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EXTERIOR LIGHTING -2003 Ford Crown Victoria LX

NOTE: The appearance of the VOR beam pattern may vary between

Fig. 77: Identifying Top Edge Of High Intensity Area
Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO.
Identify at the top edge of this high intensity area a distinct horizontal cutoff in the beam
pattern. If the top edge of this cutoff is not even with the horizontal reference line, the headlamp
beam will need to be adjusted.
VOL type headlamps
For VOL type headlamps, there will be a distinct cutoff in the left portion of the beam pattern.
The edge of this cutoff should be positioned 50.2 mm (2 in) below the horizontal reference line.
Horizontal reference line.
Top edge of the beam pattern.
High intensity zone.

Fig. 78: Identifying High Intensity Zone, Top Edge Of Beam Pattern And Horizontal
Reference Line
Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO.
Mechanical Aiming
For the mechanical aiming procedure, refer to the appropriate mechanical headlamp aimer
instruction manual.
1. As you can see this requires some knowledge of the new systems!



January, 2, 2011 AT 12:36 AM

There are two little screw adjusters (size is approximately 4mm). If you remove the plastic cover on top of the radiator, you will see the screws. One will raise and lower, and the other will move it left and right. Sometimes the adjusters will break and need replaced. Here is a diagram if you need to take the assembly out to replace an adjuster. The adjusters are close to that area.

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