2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer



February, 18, 2011 AT 5:50 AM

2003 Chevy Trailblazer 133000 miles.
Car was running fine then I had a misfire on cylinder # 6, we changed the spark plugs and coils and everything and it has never ran the same since. About 4 weeks later now it seems like sometimes when I get over 60 and I am going up a hill the transmission is not wanting to shift. I will have my petal to the floor and it will bearly go, if I let off the gas a second and push it again then it fixes it. The mechanic seems to think we need a transmissin flush but I'm scared that this is just something small and then the flush is going to creat a 2500.00 new transmission problem. I'm scared to keep driving it but it only does it sometimes. And I'm scared to have a transmission flush if it really don't need it. Can you please advise some.


Transmission Flare


Transmission Problem


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February, 18, 2011 AT 1:13 PM

Is the Check Engine Light indicating?
Have you tried to check for trouble codes?
Is the transmission fluid correct?
How is the condition of the transmission fluids, bright red or brown?

Symptoms indicate a fault with the controls and the throttle position sensor coud be the cause.



February, 18, 2011 AT 1:33 PM

The Service Engine soon light keeps coming on but 2 mechanics said that the reason it was coming on was not even related. Something small was triggering it to come on. One mechanic turned it off and the other said to leave it on so that if the transmission was messing up it would already be on and it would be more likely read it. Sounds confusing to me but I know nothing about car repair at all. So, no trouble codes are even on with the transmission. Transmission fluid is correct But the color of it is a darker color. I beleive that is the main reason that one mechanic said it was for SURE transmission trouble. That's why he suggested the flush and he said about 1 and 10 get trash jammed and it actually makes the transmission go out sooner and he said it was not very likely at all but he couldn't guarantee. But I've researched and it seems that it happens alot so if I could try some smaller things first (I would rather do that even if I'm out a couple hundred dollars) before I jump in and do a whole transmission flush and possible have to buy a new transmission next week.



February, 18, 2011 AT 1:47 PM

When the SES comes on, an error has occurred and it could be related, why did the mechanic say it is not related? Do you mean there is no trouble codes?

When the SES comes on with no trouble codes, it could be a fault with the PCM or its wiring. During the replacement of spark plugs etc, a ground circuit could have not been properly secured reulting in intermittent failure and the SES coming on. Recheck those area where work was carried out. Ensure connectors are clean and secure.



February, 18, 2011 AT 7:54 PM

I called both mechanics back (neither one of them know that we have gotten 2 opinions) and both said that when they hooked it up the only thing that it said was an eval code. Which both said could be something like a loose gas cap or something. No codes about the transmission at all. What is the PCM? So what about the transmission fluid being dark brown? That is the main reason both mechanics want to do a transmission flush. So do we really need it if there's not codes and again it's got 133000 miles on it.



February, 18, 2011 AT 10:01 PM

Most parts stores provides free scanning services. Get a scan done to retrieve the trouble codes and post them here.

I believe it should be EVAP code. I need to know the code to understand the problem.

PCM = Power Control Module, meaning the engine and transmission computer.

Dark brown transmission fluids means the fluid is either aged or has been overworked. A transmission drain and flush with a filter change would be a better option than a flush.

When oil pan and filter are removed you can understand the condition of the transmission better as a failing transmission would usually have debris inside the oil pan.

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