2003 Chevrolet Tracker



March, 22, 2011 AT 7:21 PM

I have a 2003 chevy tracker. In the last two days I have had a hard time with my power steering. I checked the fluid level a few times and I spot NO leak nor is the fluid level changing. I can feel the powersteering working but as I turn the wheel I can feel almost like its cutting in and out. What might be causing this if there is no obvious leak in fluid?

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March, 22, 2011 AT 7:48 PM

First be sure the belt is tight and not slipping. Next, suspect internal leakage inside the rack and pinion assembly. A pressure test of the pump will confirm that but most mechanics will just replace the rack assembly based on the history. GM had a huge problem with "morning sickness" with their rack and pinion assemblies. That caused loss of power assist in only one direction at first until the fluid warmed up in about a minute or two. After a few weeks the problem affected turning in both directions. This was caused by grooves worn into the soft aluminum housing where the seals ride. They came up with a money-saving cobble job repair that was designed to get the vehicles out of the warranty period so their customers would have to foot the bill for the proper permanent repair. The best repair involves using a rack assembly rebuilt by one of the name brand aftermarket companies like Moog. They bore the housing out and insert a stainless steel liner to prevent the wear that caused the problem originally. Of course you could have a pump problem too instead of a rack and pinion assembly problem. One clue is if the power assist comes back when you increase engine speed, but that isn't always conclusive. At a higher speed the pump will be able to build higher pressure in spite of its wear, but it will also deliver higher volume which can overcome internal leakage inside the rack. A pressure test is the best way to find out which part is at fault.



March, 22, 2011 AT 7:53 PM

Check belt
check steering link
Check fluid is it milky, brown or have debris
if so flush power steering system



March, 22, 2011 AT 8:20 PM

Thank you so much for all your help. I will follow some of these steps to troubleshoot my problem

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