2002 Toyota Rav4



February, 24, 2011 AT 8:21 PM

We have a second hand Rav 4, just purchaesd, 86000km, we heard a noise near front wheel, which seems now to have gone and were told to replace a broken"Horb" after we had brake pads replaced. They say it will be $140 to buy a new Horb plus labour. Not heard of Horb myself and we are in Africa and have had lots of terrible advise and botched jobs on another old car we bought. The car goes well and am reticent to let anyone touch a major part like the front wheel where they say this Horb is, as last time they seemed to leave things badly done. Is there such a thing as a Horb, what is it, where is it and how important is it. The car will be resold within 8 months as we are leaving the countr but we need the car to be safe with our family and the terribly rough roads here, and the traffic jams.
Yours sincerely,


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March, 1, 2011 AT 7:38 PM

Must be the wheel hub they are referring to.

Do you have any coarse noise when cruising at higher speed? If yes, the wheel bearing is probably failing and should be replaced.

How does the noise sound like?

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