2002 Toyota Corolla



June, 6, 2014 AT 10:07 AM

I have a 2002 Toyota Corolla Sport. It starts up fine and drives anywhere from a few yards to half a mile and then stops moving. The car does not stall or turn off, it just will not move forward or backward. If I turn the car off, wait a few minutes and start it back up, it will move again a little bit and then stop moving again.

I have changed the transmission filter and fluid. Nothing is leaking. I disconnected the battery to restart the computer. Unfortunately, this turned off the "check engine light" and now nothing comes up on the garage's diagnostic tester. I really need my vehicle and do not know where to start to fix this problem. Is it as simple as a speed sensor or do I need a whole new transmission? HELP!

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June, 6, 2014 AT 10:26 AM

Try to drive it again to get the light to come on then have a trans guy look at it. It has to be an internal problem with trans or maybe a trans module

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