2002 Nissan Altima



March, 19, 2013 AT 4:30 AM

I have a 2.5 that i, m replacing the head and I never messed with the lower chain, it is still tight, I put it on TDC and with the mark, s lined up the colored link, s never line up, I have the motor on a stand I wonder if anyone else has seen this from the factory, the mark, s are lined up and it ran fine this way before

1 Answer



March, 19, 2013 AT 2:02 PM

You need to keep turning the crankshaft till the links line up at TDC. They don't line up every other revolution of the crankshaft. It requires at least 30 revolutuions or more of the crankshaft to get the links to line up after the previous match.

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