2002 Mitsubishi Diamante



July, 4, 2013 AT 11:59 PM

I purchased this vehicle three years ago from Wickstrom Chevrolet and recently paid it off. My vehicle has been vandalized multiple times since I've had it. My vehicle would not start my SRS light stays on and the alarm stopped working. Roselle Service Center replaced the battery and the wiring last year. My vehicle would not start again in mid February the dealership replaced the fuel system and fuel filter. The alarm is working again but my right fog light wiring is burnt out. Again in mid June my car would not start. I was able to temporarily charge the battery and take my vehicle to NTB. NTB performed diagnostic tests and advised me to return to the local repair shop because the battery was no good and was less than a year since the battery was replaced. The next day I was able to drive to the repair shop and explained what happened. The repair shop kept my vehicle for three hours. The repair shop advised that the battery was good and the only negative draw they could find was my dashboard light was on. They charged me $45 for recharging the battery. My vehicle worked for one day. I had my insurance company tow my vehicle to the dealership. The dealership replaced the battery and advised that the battery sold to me last year was not new and should have been replaced by the repair shop. The dealership kept my vehicle for three days and could not find any negative draw. They also advised that I replace the brake pads and both front and rear rotors along with tires. In addition it would cost me $500 just for the parts to replace the antenna. Three days later after having the battery replaced, I'm still having the same problem. I'm an under paid single working mother of four children and I'm not receiving any public assistance or child support. On my current budget I can't afford another car payment. Is this vehicle worth investing and keep repairing? Or should I give up? Please advise. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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July, 5, 2013 AT 7:00 AM

If you can find a good independent repair shop that will take their time with it to make sure it starts ok and drives then keep it if it doesn't have a lot of miles on it. If you can find a car with a low payment i'd do that as this car seems like a money pit unless you can find the source of the problem. Or if you know who the father is and can prove it then go after him for the support he has not sent you. Also brakes in the forn t hav ea squealer that will sqeal or squeak prior to needing pads so you may not actually need them yet



July, 6, 2013 AT 4:53 PM


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