I need the location of the starter.

  • 2002 LEXUS LS 430
  • 197,000 MILES

This is difficult to find online. I saw a starter removed from a 1999 ES300, but I know this model is different. Before I start removing everything, I would like to know where to start. Thanks!

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The intake manifold has to be removed. Not an easy job.


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On LS430, starter is located under lower intake manifold, at
rear of engine.

1. Disconnect negative battery cable.

2. Remove air cleaner inlet and intake air connector.

3. Disconnect throttle body using the following steps:
a. Disconnect electrical connectors.
B. Disconnect water bypass hose from throttle body water bypass pipe.
C. Remove bolts and nuts, and disconnect throttle body from intake manifold.
D. Disconnect water bypass hose from manifold thermostat on throttle body and remove throttle body. Remove throttle body gasket.

4. Remove intake manifold assembly using the following steps:
a. Disconnect rear fuel pipe from main fuel tube.
B. Remove necessary electrical and vacuum components from intake
manifold. See Fig. 5.
C. Remove 4 bolts and disconnect left engine wire protector from upper intake manifold and camshaft bearing cap.
D. Disconnect 2 wire clamps and the right engine wire harness from the brackets on the right delivery pipe.
E. Remove 2 bolts, and disconnect rear engine wire harness protector from rear water bypass joint and right cylinder head.
F. Disconnect 8 fuel injector electrical connectors.

5. Disconnect heater inlet hose from water bypass joint and remove 4 nuts to remove water bypass joint. Remove 2 gaskets.

6. Remove bolt holding water bypass pipe and remove water bypass pipe. Disconnect wire clamp from bracket on water bypass pipe. Remove "O" ring from water bypass pipe.

7. Remove starter using the following steps:
a. Remove 2 bolts holding starter to cylinder block.
B. Disconnect starter from cylinder block
c. Disconnect starter electrical connector.
D. Remove nut, and disconnect starter wire.
E. Remove bolt, and disconnect wire clamp from the starter and remove the starter.

8. To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten bolts and nuts to specification. Ensure White mark on intake manifold gasket faces upward. Fill cooling system. Start engine and check for coolant,
vacuum, and fuel leaks.

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