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February, 14, 2013 AT 5:30 AM

Where I can find a free step by step diagrams on how to install a head gasket kit for 2002 kia spectra 1.8 ohdc


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February, 14, 2013 AT 6:57 AM


1. Install new cylinder head gasket onto cylinder block and lower cylinder head onto engine.
2. Install cylinder head bolts.
3. Tighten cylinder head bolts according to following procedure: a. Tighten cylinder head bolts in order shown in illustration. See Fig. 173.
Tightening torque: 36.1 lb. Ft (49 N.M, 5 kg.M)
b. Loosen bolts in reverse of order shown.
C. Retighten cylinder head bolts in order shown.
Tightening torque: 28.9 lb. Ft (39.2 N.M, 4 kg.M)
d. Mark cylinder head bolts for rotational reference.
E. Rotate cylinder head bolts 90 (1/4 Turn) in order shown.
F. Rotate cylinder head bolts another 90 (1/4 Turn) in order shown.
4. Install camshaft and HLA
5. Install timing belt installation.
6. Install intake manifold support bracket.
Tightening torque: 27.5 38.3 lb. Ft (37.2 51.9 N.M, 3.8 5.3 kg.M)
7. Install coolant bypass pipe
Tightening torque: 65.8 86 lb. Ft (89.2 116.6 N.M, 9.1 11.9 kg.M)
8. Install exhaust manifold.
Tightening torque: A: 28 34 lb. Ft (38 46 N.M, 3.9 4.7 kg.M)
B: 16 21 lb. Ft (22 28 N.M, 2.2 2.9 kg.M)
9. Install exhaust manifold heat shield.
Tightening torque: 13.7 22.4 lb. Ft (18.6 30.3 N.M, 1.9 3.1 kg.M)
10. Reconnect ground strap.
11. Install connector bracket and reconnect electrical connectors.
Tightening torque (engine hanger bolt): 27.5 38.3 lb. Ft (37.2 51.9 N.M, 3.8 5.3 kg.M)
12. Connect injector connectors.
13. Connect IAC and throttle position sensor connectors.
14. Install heater hoses.
15. Connect fuel hose to fuel injector rail.
16. Install upper radiator hose.
17. Connect brake vacuum hose and purge control vacuum hose.
18. Install air intake hose and fresh air duct.
19. Install accelerator cable and check cable deflection. If deflection is not correct, adjust by turning nut "A".
Deflection: 0.04 0.12 in (1 3 mm)
20. Install cruise control cable if equipped.
21. Install PCV hose and ventilation hose.
22. Fill engine with specified amount and type of engine oil.
23. Fill engine with specified amount and type of coolant.
24. Connect negative battery cable.
25. Start engine and check for oil and coolant leaks and HLA noise.
26. Operate engine until cooling fans cycle and check ignition timing.

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