2002 Kia Spectra



June, 15, 2012 AT 2:05 PM

I just bought an 02 Kia Spectra. It has 9000 miles on it. I bought it from a friend who had it in his garage since 2003 when he bought it wrecked. It has front end damage. He said that when they parked it, the motor was not getting gas. They were trying to start it and he heard a backfire come from the air cleaner area. He said it would still turn over fine. Before I start on repairing the body, I wanted to make sure and get it running. The car would just click when you turn it over. Tried a few different batterys and even a jump start. Took off the starter and had it tested and it's fine. We have taken the plugs out and put mystery oil in the cylinders and soaked for 4 days. I put a socket on the crank pully and have tried to manually turn it over. It will not move at all. It appears that the motor is stuck. I just cannot believe that. It is an automatic 1.8 liter. I did not try moving the crank in nuetral. Not sure that would make a difference.


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June, 15, 2012 AT 2:20 PM

You can try it but I doubt it will make a difference. As the car was bought wrecked, look for something lodged against flywheel, or pan damage, maybe something in front near balancer or timing cover. It may have slid the timing belt and is now out of time. It can also be a valve problem causing this.



June, 15, 2012 AT 2:58 PM

After parking for so long, the cylinders could be rusted resulting in the pistons bonding and staying stuck.

TRy manually cranking the engine with the aid of a hammer. Do not bang too hard. Just provide sufficient shock to try to judder and free up the pistons.

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