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June, 7, 2011 AT 9:52 PM

The cruise control in my 2002 Kia Sedona (140,000) has just stopped working. It was working when I had the car taken to the dealership to replace all the belts and the crank shaft sensor. Upon getting it back I went to engage it and nothing happen. Could replacing the belts/sensor caused it to stop working? What can I trouble shoot to see why it won't engage?


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June, 7, 2011 AT 10:08 PM

The most common failure is the clock spring. That is a wound-up ribbon cable in a plastic housing under the steering wheel. As it continues to break, eventually the horn will not work and the air bag light will turn on. However, given the recent service history, it is more likely something got bumped on the cruise control servo under the hood or something needed to be disconnected to gain access to the belts, and they forgot to reconnect it.

The place to start is by returning to the shop that did the belts and politely explain the problem. Unless they are real busy, they will likely have someone take a quick peek right away to see if it can be corrected while you wait. If it is going to be more involved, you can expect to have to bring it back for an appointment. At least give them the chance to correct any mistakes or oversights on their part.



August, 13, 2012 AT 7:10 PM

Our 2005 KIA Sedona was running fine and had not issues before we turned it into the shop for the 60K Timing Belt replacement. When we picked up the KIA it had issues, backfiring, sputtering, idle problems, so we returned it, and even though they admitted fault, they charged us additional labor. When we picked the vehicle, the second time, we quickly noticed that the Cruise Control was not working, we were to hesitant to return the KIA to the shop. So like the original poster here, I have a simular problem, there's "something needed to be disconnected to gain access to the belts."



August, 15, 2012 AT 2:32 AM

See attached Cruise Control Diagnostic information to this message. The factory Cruise Control Module is located in the Engine Compartment on 2000 to 2005 KIA Sedona's. It sits on the Passenger side fender well. And it is part of the Servo Actuator Assembly. I just got done performing the test on my KIA Sedona, it appears that everything other than the Cruise Control Module itself is functioning correctly. So that indicates that my Cruise Control Module must have gone bad.

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