2002 Honda Civic



March, 24, 2012 AT 7:49 AM

I own a 2002 Honda Civic EX 5 speed (129511 miles). About 2 weeks ago it started over heating. I had the thermo. Replaced and it seemed fine for 2 days, then over heated again so have it removed then the same night over heated again. Then I got a new gasket and some seal stuff and replaced the thermo. Yet it still over heats! Had the radiator checked no leaks. The water pump (friend) said is working. My A/C has never worked in the car since I bought it 15 mos ago. That fan does not come on. My check engine lights flashes once and awhile Auto zone said something to the affect of it being a air/oxygen or air/water something. He seen I was confused and said PISTONS/ NO SPARK still I have no idea what they are or if it has anything to do with it over heating!My car get regular 3000/4000 mile oil changes. At the same time my car started sounding funny the muffler is putting and acts like it wants to die. My car over heated last night so this morning I filled it up with water (car running) but it only took very little and was full would not take more. The temp gauge goes up and down doesnt matter driving, sitting or speed (the car has only actually smoked or steamed whatever its called once but gauge shows HOT I can smell it hot though even when not smoking/steaming). I try to run the heat to get the motor cooled down but doesnt always work. I dont know what to do I just need to know how to fix it please! Any help is truly gratefull thanks in advance! Stephanie


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March, 24, 2012 AT 8:24 AM

Check/Test the coolant temperature sensor, fan motor, fan relay, -also the exhaust system for restriction could be the catalytic converter clogged-up and also try bleeding the cooling system could be airlock-

Might also want to have Autozone to scan the computer



March, 24, 2012 AT 2:35 PM

How do I know it they are still working?



March, 24, 2012 AT 3:42 PM

You would have to test them. Fan motor is the first thing to check if you are overheating and they don't seem to work.

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