Ok so I have an issue with the running tail.

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Ok so I have an issue with the running tail lights/instrument lights in my Honda Accord 2002 EX-L Coupe V6 going out when the headlights become engaged. I do not have any after market stereo or goodies installed in my car. I do have the luxury model of that year and everything is stock. I performed slight troubleshooting and located the fuse that has blown and replaced it with a 15 fuse (like for like), Its located on passenger side fuse box. So I thought ok easy fix blown fuse. So I turned on the car and turned one click for park lights and everything was ok and I breathed I sigh of relief. I proceeded to turn on the head lights and I hear a "pop" over from the passenger side fuse box and my instrument lights where off again! So I though ok maybe it was just an old fuse so I got some new ones and put it in and turned on the car and turned one click and everything was ok, I checked the running brake lights they where on and the license plate light was on and the front orange lights where on and the instrument lights where on. Everything clear, so at this point I'm praying before I turn on the headlights. I decide to tune the dimmer switch all the way to low, turned off the radio and heater/blower and then turned on the headlights again. "POP" instrument lights went out and the running brake lights went out. Headlights still work, the brake lights still work, turn signals still work. What the heck! This happened when I was driving to the Super Bowl game couple weeks back when I got out of the car I hit my alarm and noticed the lights didnt flash, didnt think nothing of it till I drove home home when it was dark and couldn't see my speed ect. Ect. I really dont want to get screwed /raped by an electrical shop thats probably going to charge several hundred for this problem. Please any advice or experience with this issue? One side note though: I had not had any work done in the last month although I had a rear quarter panel replaced on the passenger side about a month and a half ago, due to some person causing a tear in the rear quarter panel which Ive included an image of that. Maybe one of the wires was grounded? Also they had to replace the bumper in this repair as well. Please help ! Thank you guys soo much !

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Thursday, February 14th, 2013 AT 6:09 AM

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Nice work. You have provided a good description of the situation and I fully understand the problem but there are 3 different systems used for the headlights so I need to clarify which is the correct one.

1. Headlight circuit with Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
2. Headlight circuit without DRL & with Auto-off headlamps
3. Headlight circuit w/o DRL & w/o Auto-off headlamps

Attached are the diagrams for the taillight circuit and please note that you are only to concentrate on the ones designated for EX and not others.

The taillight system is working correctly but somewhere the headlight switch is interfering and providing a direct ground for the taillight fuse ( # 10 in passenger fuse block) when the headlights are turned on so the headlight circuits would provide abetter understanding of what could cause it.

In the meanwhile, unplug the taillight relay and test if the fuse blows. This would allow us to understand if the shorting is before or after the relay.

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Friday, February 15th, 2013 AT 5:58 AM

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