2002 Ford Edge



February, 27, 2011 AT 10:49 PM

2002 ranger 3.0 liter sputters while driving some black smoke and seems to be dropping cylinders exaust smells terrible and check engine light is on.


2 Answers



February, 27, 2011 AT 11:51 PM

1st step should be checking for codes
sounds as you have a bad misfiring and need to be checked
black smoke is unburned fuel /check it for tune up and if firing on all cyl.
Post back your codes for more help



February, 28, 2011 AT 5:49 PM

Okay I went to autozone today and they put the scanner on it they didnt give me code numbers but said that the mass air flow sensor had too high a signal (whatever that means) and that there were other faults such as o2 sensor and cylinders not firing. I used some mass air flow cleaner on it and it didnt seem to make a difference. Conditions were worse today before even cleaning it. It was shifting really hard and sputtering even worse than yesterday at times I could only go 20 mph and I had to let allmost all they way off the gas to get it to go at all. Also backfiring. Any ideas?

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