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February, 1, 2011 AT 1:29 PM

I own a 2002 Ford Ranger Edge-V6-3.0 engine. When I start up the engine, it produces a squealing noise and continues when the truck runs. Also the engine tends to cut out but will restart. Can you tell me the problem and how to fix it. Also will it damage the engine if I run it on short trips before it is repaired?


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February, 1, 2011 AT 5:09 PM

The squealing noise is probably one of two things. Either one of the accessory belts is a loose and slipping on the pulley, or the power pump is starting to fail.

If you have a serpentine belt, the slack should be taken up by the idler wheel, if not the you'll have to adjust each accessory belt.

To adjust the idler wheel, you'll see a small hex head bolt which will have a lock nut. There'll be a main pivot bolt that you'll need to loosen a bit. Then you'll loosen lock nut and then tighten the bolt that adjusts the tension until there is about a 1/4 inch play. The tighten the pivot bolt for the tensioner.

For the accessory belts each accessory will have its' own belt. The procedure will be the same for the adjustment bolt, but in some cases you will need a long screwdriver to hold the accessory in place to put tension on the belt and tighten it while holding it.

If the pump is bad, the noise should change when you are turning the steering wheel while your truck is sitting still.
Also check the belts for cracks, damage, etc.

There are tutorials on this site that will walk you through this procedure.

I hope this helps.



February, 2, 2011 AT 2:08 AM


Here are a couple other possiblilities.

Bearings going bad in either the Idler Pulley or the Tensioner Pulley.

Here is how to determine.

With spray lube in hand and engine off locate the idler and tensioner pulleys. Spray the center bolt of ONE of the pulleys then start engine, if noise is gone for short period of time then replace pulley. If noise still present turn vehicle off and spray center bolt on other pulley and start vehicle, again if noise is gone for short period of time replace pulley.

It could also be a weak tensioner. Post engine size in liters and I will post markings for checking for weak tensioner. And belt diagram showing were the tensioner and idler pulleys are.




February, 2, 2011 AT 2:22 AM

Never mind on the engine size just saw in your description. Pics below.

Can't find the tensioner wear diagram. However, with vehicle running take a look at the tensioner if it is bouncing around a lot then most likely it is weak and would need replacing.



February, 2, 2011 AT 3:30 AM

Based on what I told you and the fact the engine continues to cut out and stall, along with the squealing noise, I found out from another source that it was the Cam shaft Synchronizer which drives the Cam shaft sensor.



February, 2, 2011 AT 3:34 AM

Note that I replaced the belt just recently and the tension on the belts was fine. The squealling noise did not come from turning the truck, it was squealing in the idle and run position. From another source it was described as a failing Cam shaft Synchronizer which drives the Cam shaft sensor. It was noted when they began to fail it will produce a squelling sound and cause the motor to stall out.



February, 2, 2011 AT 4:14 AM

Ok, in all my years of auto mechanics I have never come across a Synchronizer that was failing making a squealing noise. As for the shutting down yes but not the squealing.

Ok, if you are having to replace the entire Synchronizer Assembly then I suggest having a garage do it - a special tool is need to set the synchronizer.

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