2002 Dodge Intrepid



July, 24, 2011 AT 11:21 PM

Just wondering what sensors I need to replace. Codes as follows.P0135, p0155, p0133. Two of the codes say bank 1 sensor 1 the other says bank2 sensor 1.I think bank means driver or passenger side. Where is sensor 1?Are they under the car or under the hood? Thanks in advance.


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July, 24, 2011 AT 11:39 PM

It's very unlikely replacing the sensors is going to solve those codes. More likely there is a wiring harness problem related to the heaters in two of the sensors. That would cause the "slow response" code too. Those heaters are fed from the same circuit that supplies voltage to the ignition coil pack and injectors so the fact the engine runs proves the automatic shutdown (ASD) relay is turning on. The first thing to do is find a mechanic with a scanner that can display live data to see exactly what those O2 sensors are reporting.

Bank 1 is the driver's side, and bank 2 is the passenger side. Sensor 1 is in front of the catalytic converter and is used to fine tune fuel metering. Sensor 2, also called the downstream sensor is for monitoring catalytic converter efficiency.



July, 25, 2011 AT 12:47 AM

Thanks for the answer that was very helpful

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