Issues w/heater, A/C and climate control panel

  • 2002 BMW X5
  • 12,300 MILES
Ok, so for several months, if I turned on the a/c or heat, the blower seemed to work but it barely expelled any air. If I pushed the defrost, I could feel air coming out if I put my hand to it, but not strong enough to actually defrost. Then it stopped altogether, but the fan at the front of the car still ran, and the climate control panel was still lit. My father in law replaced a fuse and it all of a sudden worked great, strong air. For 3 days. At that point, everything went out. No air, no heat and the entire climate control panel won't lite up. How do I fix this? I really hope someone can help. Thanks for any advice! Oh, and I don't know my way around cars and parts, don't know where or how to replace fuses, etc, so I may need baby steps.
Thanks for looking, Kim
Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 AT 6:52 PM

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Please find out what size fuse was in the car and what type he put in. I'm worried that the fan motor was going up, finally shorted and blew a fuse. If a larger amperage fuse was replaced it may have been able to get the fan blowing again but did more extensive damage to your fuse panel since it was not the right size fuse. Please find what fuse was in there and what he put back in. There really is a good reason why they tell you to never put in a higher amperage fuse that what is called for. I hope this isn't the case, but let's see.
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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 AT 4:15 AM

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