I am having trouble with my.

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I am having trouble with my vehicle as there is a Cylinder misfire reported.

I have an ODBII scanner tool which originally reported Cylinder 1 was mis-firing. I then replaced ALL spark plugs, which did not solve the problem BUT the ODBII code told me that Cylinder 3 was mis-firing. At this point I had realised I had potentially not put the ignition coil packs back on the same plugs to which I removed them from. So, I switched the coil pack from Cylinder 3 to Cylinder 2, cleared the MIL codes and when the light came back on it reported that Cylinder 2 was now mis-firing, which lead me to believe that I had a faulty coil pack.

I ordered a "new" (used part of e-bay) coil pack - which did not solve the problem. I suspected as the coil pack was used - maybe this was also faulty. However, I know of no way to test this. After a little bit more tinkering - I switched the suspected coil pack from Cylinder 2 to Cylinder 1 in an attempt to confirm my suspicions before spending the money for a brand new coil pack. However, after clearing the MIL codes and re-triggering the MIL the reported code is still for Cylinder 2 - which now suggests that this is not the issue at all.

Can you suggest a method on how to correctly diagnose the mis-fire OR any other issue you suspect could be causing it?

Would a dirty air-filter or an old oil filter be causing the mis-fire? Would you suspect the valve cover gasket to have deteriorated - what would be the signs?

Thanks in advance.
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Thursday, April 4th, 2013 AT 12:25 PM

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Check your fuel pressure low pressure causes misfires
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Thursday, April 4th, 2013 AT 1:22 PM

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