2001 Proton



December, 12, 2010 AT 5:04 PM

Im having heating problems iv changed the thermostat flushed the rad which removed lot of silt & rust new coolent in, the top rad hose gets hot bottom hose stays cold, heater matrix inlet pipe stays cool but collent flows fast from there when iv tryed bleeding it from there. It does overheat when driving after 10 miles or so. Would a head gasget cause this heating problem?

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December, 14, 2010 AT 1:02 PM

Head gasket problem would only cause overheating when the coolant level is insufficient.

Have you bled the system correctly? Symptoms indicates insufficient coolant in system.

When engine is cold, remove the radiator cap and if level is low, top up and start engine without radiator cap. Turn heater to maximum. Top up coolant if necessary and after 5 minutes when coolant level has stabilised, close radiator cap and run engine till cooling fans comes on.

Ensure recovery tank has sufficient coolant. Stop engine and wait for engine to cool down before opening radiator cap to check coolant level, top up if necessary.

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