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2001 Olds Aurora - My low oil pressure light and computer readout blinks low oil pressure for only a second and then goes off. Usually when I accelerate.

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Saturday, December 4th, 2010 AT 6:59 PM

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Tools Required:
? J 21867 Pressure Gage and Hose Assembly
? J 43027 Oil Pressure Adapter
1. With the vehicle on a level surface, run the vehicle for a few minutes, allow adequate drain down time (2-3 minutes) and measure for a low oil level. 2. If required, add the recommended grade engine oil and fill the crankcase until the oil level measures full on the oil level indicator. 3. Run the engine briefly (10-15 seconds) and verify low or no oil pressure on the vehicle gauge or light. 4. Listen for a noisy valve train or a knocking noise. 5. Inspect for the following:
? Foamy oil
? Slow idle speed
? Plugged oil filter
? Oil diluted by the following:
? Water
? Engine coolant
? Unburned fuel mixtures
? Malfunctioning oil filter bypass valve
? Incorrect or faulty oil pressure gage
? Incorrect or faulty oil pressure gage sensor
? Improper engine oil viscosity for the expected temperature 6. Remove the oil pressure gage sensor. 7. Install the J 21867 with the J 43027.
Fig. 17: Installing Pressure Gauge Hose Assembly & Oil Pressure Adapter
8. Start the engine and then allow the engine to reach normal operation temperature. 9. Measure the engine oil pressure. 10. Compare the readings to the Engine Mechanical Specifications 11. If the engine oil pressure is below specifications, inspect the engine for one or more of the following:
? Worn or dirty oil pump
? Loose oil pump-to-engine block bolts
? Missing or damaged oil pump screen O-ring seal
? Damage or leak in the oil pump screen suction tube
? Damage or leak in the timing chain tensioner oil tube
? Malfunctioning oil pump pressure regulator valve

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? Missing or incorrectly installed oil gallery plugs
? Excessive bearing clearance for the following:
? Connecting rod(s)
? Balance shaft
? Crankshaft
? Camshaft(s)
? Cracked, porous or restricted oil galleries
? Broken valve lifters 12. Repair or replace components as necessary.

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Saturday, December 4th, 2010 AT 7:40 PM

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