I've got a 2001 Jaguar S (4 L - V8) with a NO.

  • 2001 JAGUAR S-TYPE
  • 150 MILES
I've got a 2001 Jaguar S (4 L - V8) with a NO eat problem. The car over heated slightly while my wife drove and she shut it down. My mechanic (not a jag dealer) checked it out and replaced the engine thermostat and said no other damage was done but we ca't get any heat.

I read on-line about air-lock isuues to which my mechanic checed and even disconnected the heater hose going to the firewall & flowed water o ensure no air was trapped. Both hoses going to & returning from the heater core are hot so he does not suspect a heater valve or heater core blockage.

I read, with great interest, a beak-down of how to retrive diagnostic trouble codes using the A/C heater control panel display but the procedure did not work, the pictorial graphic did not match what my heater control looks like so I'm hoping omeone can help with te correct procedure for retreiving the trouble codes for this model (2001 type S - 4L V8).

All the air-flow controls seem to be working and redirecting air to which ever direction is chosen but we justcannot get any heat (A/C works fine).

Any & all help is appreciaed.
Many thanks, Joe
Saturday, November 24th, 2012 AT 3:58 AM

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Is your control panel similar to the one in diagram? This is for the automatic HVAC systyem but I could no find any reference to trouble code retrieval.

Since your vehicle is a 4.0 L engine, it is equipped with a auxiliary coolant pump, was it tested for proper operations?
Was this
Saturday, November 24th, 2012 AT 1:02 PM

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