2001 Isuzu Rodeo



August, 3, 2012 AT 6:18 PM

Hi by accident I forgot to disconnect the negative on the battery when installing my alternator and while tightening the electrical, I made contact against metal and saw sparks.

The Battery is holding at 12.87 to 12.93 volts and I did a simple starter test turning on the headlights then crank the engine. Lights did not dim so I checked all the fuses. Ignition, Starter and Alternator fuses are fine. Do I need to remove the starter and or alternator because it won't turn over at all.

Also would a bad Cam Shaft Sensor make a difference in starting the engine?

Also I had a question answered to determine if there was any valve damage when turning the crankshaft without a timing belt. I didn't see any damage to the valves and turn the Intake/Exhaust cam shafts with proper alignment with crankshaft and the belt and didn't feel and resistance. It's the 2.2 liter interferon engine and did not remove valve parts and assembly because I read that the valves do not need adjusting.

I was trying to be very careful do any damage to the engine but I think what saved me was realizing my mistake right after I removed the T belt and also removed the #1 spark plug. Any advice is greatly appreciated and now understand why mechanics get paid so good! This particular engine is very hard to work on.

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August, 3, 2012 AT 6:25 PM

As to the engine, we don't know if there was any damage but there is nothing you need to do now if all the timing marks are correct and you can manually crank without any resistance.

What you need to do now is to get the engine started to know.
Check the voltage to the starter and ensure the cablse is tight and secure.

Use a fused remote wire to apply battery voltage to the starter solenoid to test if it cranks. You could have a blown fusible link.



August, 4, 2012 AT 2:51 AM

Thank You for your quick response! Helping people with car issues is most definitely appreciated. You Guys have a great web site and I promise to donate next time. I had a rough estimate of $1000 to just determine the smog issues, I've had nothing but problems with this car, two smog years with check engine light. The dealer was responsible with the first smog and replaced computer module, One week later check engine light I paid for emissions fuel canister, fuel level sensor pump then I went to war with the dealer because the light came back on one week later. I had the car retested. The dealer used a different mechanic and replaced the fuel pump. Again check engine! Now I had the fuel pump o ring replaced after his mechanic screwed up and somehow got the o ring twisted. A couple of weeks later Check engine light. Five codes, PO342, 420, 402, 420 and 128. This episode was after 4 different mechanics, wholesale dealer and a very bad original owner who neglected the maintenance. I bought the Rodeo and opted not to buy a extended warranty. Never again will I buy a car without being certified and without a warranty. I thought about suing the dealer because he was to already have the car snogged before I drove off the lot but I didn't because I trusted him and previously bought another car from him and that car has been great. My trust with Dealers and choice of selected Mechanics was broken. Now I'm the Dummy!



August, 4, 2012 AT 12:00 PM

You're welcome.

Sorry to hear of the bad experiences you had. It is no use thinking about it anymore as it would only make you sad and angry. Forget it and continue with life.

Let us see how we go about resolving the present problem. If you are to do any testings, a test light or DVOM would be required. Have you done the checkings I suggested?

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