2001 Honda City


Wajahat Khalil

March, 13, 2012 AT 8:37 PM

Hey Hope you are doing great! And once again I am facing an issue this time a lil bigger one though! I was in a rush to return back my home suddenly on the way back on road my car just stopped as in it got off due to low RPM and when I tried to start it it wasn't going onn! I checked battery water and oils all in this case all were okay! Even radiator wasn't making that pressure! Though battery seemed to went down a bit as car was taking load on self! Anyhows after 15 mins the car got started but was missing badly both on petrol and CNG on low RPM when engaged in a gear at D(auto transmission) Went to mechanic not far from there he checked it and diagnosed that my head's walls are weaken enough as smoke was coming out from the oil cover when he opened it! Can you guide me as your guidence really healped be before as well! Thanks in advance =)


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March, 13, 2012 AT 8:55 PM

So he says engine has blowby which dont mean anything in itself. A compression test is how you determine cylinder/piston ring wear. If it was running fine when this happened then it's probably not a serious issue. You said it did NOT overheat/boil over.


Wajahat Khalil

March, 14, 2012 AT 3:54 PM

Yeah at that time the car was pretty cool not overheated at all he checked for water bubbles as well but it was good as well! According to him the sparks between the mid two plugs were not taking place he checked by taking the plug wires out and inn! Somehow and after that when he was trying to start it he opened the cover of the mobil oil in engine and it was giving smoke when we were trying to start it and the engine was cranking but was not starting over! He said walls are weak need to be replaced. Well I took my car back to home and decided to talk to you first before going for a repairing well this morning when I checked by opening the cover and starting it the car was making nill of the smoke out of the Oil tank (Mobil Oil) btw it was cranking but didnt start over! I left the car over! Can you suggest me what to do!

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