A few weeks ago, my 2001 Ford Windstar started.

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A few weeks ago, my 2001 Ford Windstar started acting up. The CEL came on. Took it in to the parts store to get the codes. The following codes came up: P1131, P1151, P1506, P0171, P0174, and P0302. I did some research and found that Ford issued a TSB for the upper air intake gasket and valve cover and so on. I purchased the kit and made the repairs. This didn't help, the van acted like it was stil starving for fuel. I changed both front O2 sensors, the MAF sensor, the Idle Air Control Valve, the plugs and wires, and also the air filter. It seemed to be running better until it died in the middle of the road after the engine got to temperature. I tried and tried to restart it until I fully drained the battery. Towed it home, recharged the battery and now with a fully charged battery, the van won't even crank or click or anything. Last night I replaced the coil pack and relay 302. All the lights and bells and whistles work, but it won't even try to crank. Could this be the PATS system (tried both of my keys), or something else. I checked all of the fuses too!

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Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 AT 5:13 PM

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You can tell if it is a pats issue by looking at the theft light while cranking it. If it flashes or remains on steady than you have an issue with pats.

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Sunday, December 9th, 2012 AT 2:56 AM

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