2001 Ford Windstar



December, 15, 2011 AT 6:57 PM

Just last weekend my speedometer stopped working. At the same time that it stopped working the ABS and emergency brake light turned on and stayed on. Also, the o/d off light started blinking. About a week and a half prior to the start of this problem we had a Ford dealership fix the two recalls having to do with reinforcing axels or frames, and something to do with the cruise control. The dealership says that the lgiths and speedometer hace nothing to do with what they had to do to fix the recall on the ABS, but I find it very hard to belive that it is pure coincidence that these problems started happening such a short time after they messed around with my car. I am wondering if anyone else has had these rpoblems and if you anyone knows whether these problems could have something to do witht he fixing of trhe recall.


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December, 15, 2011 AT 7:04 PM

Have the computer scanned to identify where the problem is coming from. I tend to agree with you but need to know what has caused the lights to come on.



December, 18, 2011 AT 3:13 PM

You have the same problem I have with my 2002 Windstar. The dash failure was cause by the brake fluid which had leaked down your wiring harness cause by a defective brake switch on the master cylinder which leaked fluid into the harness and down to the fuse block which cause numerous Windstars to burn up. This recall on you vehicle I sure was completed, but Ford gave no consideration to the damage and amount of fluid which was already trapped in wiring loom. As I stated, I had exact same problem and could even smell the burning fluid in the fuse block. I dis-assembled my fuse panel, cleaned it up and have purchase a used dash and am installing it today and it goes to garage for Ford to reprogram later this week. Hope this helps. Ford should have covered our vehicles, but I was unable to get anywhere with it. If you have better luck, please let me know.

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