2001 Ford Focus



November, 22, 2010 AT 6:00 PM

How do I remove and install shifter cables on my ford focus zx3 5speed


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November, 22, 2010 AT 7:11 PM

Gearshift Cables


CAUTION: Disconnect the battery ground cable.

Raise the vehicle.

Remove the selector and shift cables from the transaxle.
Remove the shift cable by twisting the abutment collar counter-clockwise.
Lower the vehicle.

Move the selector and gearshift levers on the transmission to "neutral" (both levers should be vertical).

Disconnect the exhaust flange and Remove it from the rubber insulators.

Loosen the heat shield and push it backwards.
Unclip the shift and selector cables from the floor pan.
Lower the vehicle.

Remove the gearshift lever cover.
Unclip the cover or boot.
Twist off the gearshift lever ****. Take out the damping sleeves and compression spring.
Separate the connectors (number and configuration depend on equipment).

Remove the floor console.

Remove the rear footwell heating duct.

Remove the gearshift and selector cables from the gearshift lever.
Remove the gearshift and selector cables by twisting the abutment collar counter-clockwise.

Open up the carpet and damping matting and fold up to one side (heater heat exchanger not shown).

Detach the shift and selector cable bushing from the floor pan and pull the cables through to the vehicle interior (heater heat exchanger not shown).

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