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May, 27, 2012 AT 9:06 PM

Hi, I own a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. It cut off while going about 65mph. After pulling over, I noticed that it overheated. (Gauges did not show high temp). The radiator and the reservoir where completely empty. Checked dipstick and there was no foamy substance. The car started after a while but died again. The next day, I checked it again and discovered the typical foamy substance on the dipstick. Ever since, it will not turn over and my battery lost charge. What is the best thing to do? Are there any other solutions besides dissasembling the engine to change head gasket?

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May, 27, 2012 AT 9:12 PM

First, have a leak down test performed to verify the failure.

If it is a head gasket, then yes, it has to be replaced as well as checking the head for cracks. After that, you need to find the priginal problem as to why it overheated.


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