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Hi. A fellow asked this question back in 2010, but I'm having the same exact problem. Steering wheel won't turn to the right on start-up (this happens not every day, but on the majority of days, first thing in the morning, and occasionally later in the day if the car has been sitting for 3 - 4 hours.)

Here's the original post and the rest of my question follows after:
"Steering problem
2001 Dodge Caravan Automatic

When the van is cold it won't turn right. You can turn it left but then it won't budge to the right. Then after a couple minutes you feel it pop and it will turn then. It will pop when going from the left to right as soon as you change direction with the wheel till it warms up good. Then no popping and no problem till it sits and gets cold again.
Asked by scurran0303

Replied on January 10, 2010
Have the rack and pinion checked for leaks. There are bushings in the rack. If they get worn, this can happen."

Let me know if you have other questions.


Anyway, I just sank every penny I had into purchasing a 2001 Grand Caravan and am experiencing the exact same problem as this other fellow, right down to the "pop" sound. I took it to a shop where they replaced the Right and Left sway bar bushings (What ARE bushings, anyway?) And the link, but the problem persists. I literally have no money left for additional repairs. I'm sole caregiver of my brother who has Down syndrome and mobility issues and use this car to drive him around all the time, and scared to death that the problem will rear it's ugly head while I'm actually driving with him along a busy highway. Do you have any other suggestions as to the cause and how it can be repaired? Will greatly appreciate whatever insight you can offer. Have a great day and God bless you for being their for folks like us.
PS: I already made the donation Thanks again.
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Those bushings have nothing to do with your issue.

It is rack and pinion seals that are the issue. The rack will have to be replaced.

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