Motor, underframe, brakes and air conditioner shot. Worth repairing or retire it?

  • 112,000 MILES
Hi. I have taken good care of my PT Cruiser Limited Edition since I purchased it new in 2001. Several things have been repaired/replaced over the years as expected but overall it has been a great car, reliable and fun. It's mostly highway miles (approx 112,000 miles/180,000 km). The engine has begun ticking and generally running louder than usual for the past few months and I took it in fearing it was going to need a new motor. Also, it was starting to feel less responsive and some "stutter" when braking. The shop says yes the motor is going, additionally, the brakes would need to be redone, AND, the undercarriage is so rusted out (esp the front cradle) it is on its last legs. Estimated repair at $4000 to start, and shop recommends just driving it til it quits, not worth repairing. (Top that off with the air conditioner compressor quitting a couple summers ago, and a friend driving with me feels the struts are going.) I do trust the shop that has reported these issues.

Bottom line is I still love the car and had intended to drive it for at least a few more years since it is paid off and I am a single mom. Wasn't expecting to try to work a "semi-new" car payment into my budget at this point in time.

Question is, if I could get these things fixed for under $5,000 (Canadian) should I? Considering I know the history of the vehicle etc etc and to get into something similar quality and size that is 2008 or newer, I'm looking at $15,000-$20,000 here.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks
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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 AT 5:16 AM

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Get a second opinion. Make sure the catalytic converter isn't plugging causing the loss of power and change in engine noise.
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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 AT 5:20 AM

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