2001 Chevrolet Venture



March, 23, 2012 AT 11:59 AM

I own a 2001 Chevrolet Venture Van w/a 3400 V6, front wheel drive. I am looking for any service tips/advice as to how I can access the rear bank spark plugs ( without unbolting the engine?). Can you help me? Thanks!

Trying to access the rear bank spark plugs, but cannot rotate engine to do so?


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March, 23, 2012 AT 2:38 PM

Go get a medium duty ratchet strap. Hook it to the big metal loop on the front of the engine on the right top side of the block. Take the other end of the strap and run it down under the bumper to either the frame or the metal part of the bumper make sure it is secure. Take up all the slack in the strap. On the front of the engine there are 2 "bog bones" that hold th engine to the core support take one bolt out of each and flip them up. Once this is done ratchet the engine as far forward as you can. Next remove the alternator and you can now get to all the spark plugs. Removing coilpack also helps. Should take about an hour.

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