Trouble with an aftermarket navigation system and steering wheel controls

  • 2001 BMW 325I
  • 73,000 MILES

I installed an aftermarket navigation in my car about two months ago. This unit is very similar to a Dynavin. The unit came with a CAN BUS which decodes the steering wheel so that the buttons can be used (such as volume/skip) to control the unit.

Before I put in the unit I don't remember the R/T button doing anything. Im pretty sure the primary function would be to switch between radio and a prewired car phone. However since I installed the unit it has become the default button for modes (such as radio, usb cd, ipod). It's a great feature, however every time I turn my car on, (for example if I turned it off leaving it on radio) The screen jumps to about 3 different menus. I contacted the company and the told me it was likely the R/T Button malfunctioning at start up.

Just today I tested this... I disconnected the CAN BUS and the problem went away. However I really want it so I can use the other steering wheel buttons. The problem is definitely not the CAN BUS because when I ordered the unit, they actually gave my two of them accidentally (so I tried both, same problem)

I then attempted to disconnect the entire left side of buttons on my steering wheel (with the R/T button as well). I figured if there was no R/T button connected, this would solve the problem. However it had no effect. The navigation menu has an option to control steering wheel buttons. Despite canceling R/T, I still have the same problem. So realistically the only way I can stop the problem is to disconnect the CAN BUS. However I would like to use the other steering wheel controls. I have contacted the seller and have not gotten any responses yet. Are there any other ways I could possibly fix the issue without disconnecting the CAN BUS? Below is a link to my unit as well as a visual of where the CAN BUS would be connected. I wonder is clipping a wire on the harness might disable the function however I know a CAN BUS is a very complex system so it may not be that easy. Is there a way to decode it?
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Monday, September 10th, 2012 AT 9:32 PM

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If you disconnect the CAN-BUS, you are goig to have other problem.

Seems the unit has some thing that is not working correctly, not compatible or there is a wiring fault. You need to refer to the supplier for the solution.
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Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 AT 6:36 AM

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