Engine Not starting

  • 2000 ROVER 45
  • 66,000 MILES
How often do I have to change the fuel injectors on my Rover 45 1.8 automatic year Dec, 2000, it has done 66k miles, it runs fine except on kick over it runs slightly lumpy but at the right kick over revs, just passed MOT recently re the emissions etc.

My car has done 66,000 miles and has had cylinder head replacement, it was running slightly lumpy on tick over before head replacement and still does the same, it runs great apart from slightly lumpy crank over even though cranks over revs are spot on, I wondered if it could be a faulty fuel injector.
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Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 AT 6:26 PM

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Try some choke cleaner sprayed on the throttle plate on both sides as well as the iac-idle air control valve hole. They get gummy and don't work right see if that fixes it first. Then check your fuel pressure. Normally injectors last quite a while. If it still does it then have the injectors have professional strength cleaner run through them. They have to run through the fuel rail and by pass the entire fuel system due to harm it can do to those pieces.
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Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 AT 6:38 PM

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