2000 Mitsubishi Mirage



February, 25, 2011 AT 1:38 AM

When the car is parked in the sun - and the engine is cold - there is no injector pulse.

this problem has been happening since car was new.

I have selected the 'Electrical' 'Enginge Firing Orders' category, but am not sure this is the correct category because we dont know what is wrong with the car.

A new computer has been tried.


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February, 25, 2011 AT 2:10 AM

Honestly, 30 years of turning wrenches and this is the first time I heard of this. Since the injector pluse comes from the PCM (computer) is where the signal comes from. Since you already tried replacing that, it leads me to believe there is a ground issue. Double check the body grounds to the vehicle as well as the ground from the battery to the engine block. I realize this sounds too simple, but temps cause steel to expand and contract. If the pulse is there one time and gone another, something tells me the circuit isn't completed to the PCM or it is weak. If you can, run a seperate ground from the battery to where the PCM mounts. See if that makes a difference.

Let me know what you find.




February, 25, 2011 AT 4:27 AM

Thanks Joe. We ran an experiment with the actual key. When the key was hot - or left in the car - the car would not start. I put the key in the fridge for 10 minutes and the car started straight away! Go figure.

We are getting a new key cut and hopefully that will solve the problem.

Don't know if you remember the 'old' days when they had telephone cards to make a call at public boxes (with credit on them). When they ran out of credit if you put your card in the freezer for a couple of days and then put it in the telephone it would work. Thats what gave me the idea.

Thanks for your help.



February, 25, 2011 AT 12:32 PM

You know, you may be on to something with this. Let me know what you find.

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