2000 Mazda 323 cigarette lighter/stereo fuse

  • 2000 MAZDA 323
  • 1.3L
I just purchased a car hoover that is designed to connect in to a cigarette lighter. I connected it in to the cigarette lighter and the stereo flicked off. Now, neither the cigarette lighter or the stereo are working.

I am wondering could it simply be a fuse blown, how do I check this, and is it a simple fix?

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 AT 12:28 PM

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Yes, you have a blown fuse. The radio's memory circuit is always tied to some other circuit that is always on. That can be the cigarette lighter, the horn, or most commonly, the interior lights.

If the fuse blows when you plug in this device and it's not turned on, the terminals on the plug are shorting the safety thermal cutout in the lighter socket. You might be able to rotate the plug a little and make it work.

If the fuse doesn't blow until you turn the device on, it's drawing too much current for that circuit. A mechanic should be able to install a power outlet that can handle the current and won't be shorted by the plug.
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Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 AT 11:24 AM

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