2000 Jaguar XK8



January, 13, 2011 AT 2:56 AM

I recently had my 2000 Jag XK8 into the dealer after hearing a noise coming from underneath the car on the passenger side front tire. Upon diagnosis, the dealer said that there was a worn and damaged right front upper control arm mounting and that a new front subframe and arms had to be installed. The cost for this repair was very expensive. I am trying to get a sense if this is a reasonable diagnosis considering the car has less that 60K miles, has never been in an accident and currently operates fine. I suppose I could have hit a pothole somewhere along the way as I live in the midwest. Consequently, I'd like some input as to 1) whether this sounds like a reasonable diagnosis, 2) What should I expect as a ball park cost to repair (i.E. $500, $1000, $5000 etc.)And 3) If this, in fact, a reasonable diagnosis, is it reasonable to use used parts to mitigate the cost of repairs?


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Dr. Hagerty

January, 13, 2011 AT 6:09 AM

The use of used parts is quite reasonable, however, the dealer may not agree, and may have other ideas! (Read: gimme the money) I am and have always been a skeptic, my recommendation is to have them show you the parts that are damaged and give you a personal explanation as to their reasoning. Often this will do several things, it will give them an opportunity to earn your trust as well as letting you see what the technician sees. It can also give you a sense if they are doing something that would have you not trust their judgement. I am not trying to stack the deck here, just wanting you to be an informed consumer.

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