The rack and pinion has been leaking and.

  • 2000 INFINITI G20
  • 174,000 MILES
The rack and pinion has been leaking and recently the steering wheel started jerking aggresively. My buddy who"s a mechanic and I were told that there was nothing left that we could do but to change it out. We managed to get it freed from any attachments so that it freely moves left to right but we simply can't get it out. How do we go about this?
Friday, January 25th, 2013 AT 3:44 AM

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The rotation of the spiral cable (SRS "AIR BAG" component part) is limited. If the steering gear must be removed, set the front wheels in the straight-ahead direction. Do not rotate the steering column while the steering gear is removed.
Remove the steering wheel before removing the steering lower joint to avoid damaging the SRS spiral cable.
Detach tie-rod outer sockets from knuckle arms with Tool.
When disconnecting steering shaft lower joint, follow the procedure shown below.

Remove nuts for fitting the hole cover.
Disconnect the lower joint while shifting the hole cover.

Install pipe connector.
Observe specified tightening torque when tightening high-pressure and low-pressure pipe connectors. Excessive tightening will damage threads of connector or O-ring. Connector tightening torque:

1 Low-pressure side: 27 - 39 Nm (2.8 - 4.0 kg-m, 20 - 29 ft. Lbs.)
2 High-pressure side: 15 - 25 Nm (1.5 - 2.5 kg-m, 11 - 18 ft. Lbs.)

The O-ring in low-pressure pipe connector is larger than that in high-pressure connector. Take care to install the proper O-ring.

Initially, tighten nut on tie-rod outer socket and knuckle arm to 29 to 39 Nm (3 to 4 kg-m, 22 to 29 ft. Lbs.). Then tighten further to align nut groove with first pin hole so that cotter pin can be installed.

CAUTION: Tightening torque must not exceed 49 Nm (5 kg-m, 36 ft. Lbs.).

Before removing lower joint from gear, set gear in neutral (wheels in straight-ahead position). After removing lower joint, put matching mark on pinion shaft and pinion housing to record neutral position.
To install, set left and right dust boots to equal deflection. Attach lower joint by aligning matching marks of pinion shaft and pinion housing.

Tighten gear housing mounting bracket bolts in the order shown.

Make sure you do center point steering before installing the steering shaft.

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