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January, 31, 2011 AT 3:20 AM

My 2000 Escort's battery went out when I left the lights on for 3-4 days over Thanksgiving (I was in to much of a hurry). I got it rebooted, but since then a friend let me know that my alternator wasn't working. We've ordered another to put in ourselves since money is tight. My major question is that the radio hasn't been working since then, a car repair person said that it needed a code to reset it. Is this true and where would I get that code, also how and where would I enter it? Also my automatic lock that I carry on my key chain stopped working. The same person told me that just by chance it's small battery went out and needs replacement. Does this sound right? One last question, Can a cigarette lighter be instaled? Thanks so much for the help. Money is tight all around these days, so you are a blessing!


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January, 31, 2011 AT 5:46 AM

I do not know much about computer cars

I saw you had been waiting, so I'll throw what I can at you!

I answer the Jeep CJs with much confidence, and I usually get roped into repairing family and friends cars.

I know little about yours

I have seen many times that placing a Fully Charged Battery in a Computer Car will fix many issues, caused by a low or Dead Battery (Not Jumping, But actually taking the cables loose and either replacing the battery or recharging it, then installing it)

As far as a cigarette lighter, the EZist thing to do, would be run a wire off of your positive side of the battery (and maybe negative also, if you are not grounding to metal in your car). The Center Threaded portion of a Cig Lighter is the positive, the body is the negative.

I would NOT, just find any ole hot wire and tie into it! You car may not work correctly, or you might set it on fire!

I would use at least 16 gauge wire, 14 might be better. Insure you use a fuse in the positive wire. I would do this close to the battery, as you would want to protect from a short or over load (could set your car on fire if not installed, should something happen)I would NOT! Recommend a fuse larger than 15 AMP!

Without buying a fuse holder, one can be made with 2 insulated Female connectors and a '80s Style "larger square fuse". Then tape it up well after in the system.

Run your wires neatly and wire tie them on things that will not rub thru the insulation.'Cause I do not want my name associated with a crap-ily installed Job!

I will show you what I mean in a pic below, it is not real clear, this was showing a CJ 7 feller how to test his coil. The fuse part is what I want you to see!

Your Turn

The Medic



January, 31, 2011 AT 7:27 AM

Hi guys. Before you spend money on a generator, which shouldn't fail from a dead battery, measure the voltage on the yellow wire in the connector. If it doesn't have 12 volts all the time, look for a blown 15 amp fuse. Same with the radio and any other dead circuits. It's common for fuses to blow when jumper cables or a charger are connected to a dead battery, and Fords like to pop fuses even when just installing a new battery.


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